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Originally Posted by rocnroll View Post
Sorry, let me be clearer. It looks like a one time crash, which I would not normally report. After the crash I had 30 addons showing that they needed updating, where before the crash I did not. I find it odd that 30 addons needed updating at the same time. Maybe I am be paranoid.
Oh ok, and did you try restarting Minion again after the crash? Usually if that many AddOns need updating at once its because Minions local database of what versions you have installed got messed up. When Minion is not sure about the version number of an AddOn you have installed is it wants you to download it again so it can be sure its the same version that is available on our website.

So something must have messed up that local database, possibly the crash? Looking at the logs its hard to say what cause it because Minion runs inside a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and the minion0.log doesnt show any errors probably because Minion crashed before it could write an error to the log.

If it happens again please let me know.
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