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Originally Posted by Tired85 View Post
But yeah... if what you said is true then I can see why people use "others" instead of mmoui because they don't judge against it.
The Curse Client doesn't support compilations either. There's no "judgement" going on here. Right now it's simple -- if it's a compilation, you have to install and update it by hand. Your proposed solutions would just make things more complicated and less consistent for everyone. Site staff would have to spend time examining existing compilations and coming up with tests and writing code to handle all the different cases. Uploaders would have to learn a bunch of new rules in order to pass the tests and get their compilation listed. Users would have no clue what was going on or why some compilations showed up but others didn't.

And none of your solutions address the issue of compilations that modify the addons they include. There's no way for an addon updater to tell whether what's installed is a modified version or not. For example, if you install a compilation that has a modified version of oUF_Karma and a stock version of DBM, what should happen when a new version of oUF_Karma appears? Should it update, losing the modifications? What should happen when a new version of DBM appears? Should it play it safe and not update, leaving you with old boss mods? Should it ask you and make you figure it out and tell it what to do in each case?

Also, none of your solutions address the issue of how to detect whether A + B + C = Z or not, nor any of the more mundane issues around how installations and updates should actually be handled -- if you download a compilation that includes a WTF folder, how does the updater know how to rename all the WTF subfolders? If it includes different WTF folders for different screen resolutions, or different gameplay roles (eg. tank vs healer), how does it know which one to use? Once you've got it installed, when a new version appears, how does it know which WTF files/folders it should overwrite? Or should you just have to set everything up again if you made any config changes or collected any data (like boss kill stats, auction price history, etc)?

There are just so many issues that -- as you yourself pointed out -- it's just not worth it to spend all this time adding all this complexity to try to imperfectly support the really tiny minority of addon-related downloads that aren't actually addons.

A better solution that doesn't have any of these issues would be to just not upload things to the compilation category that are not, in fact, compilations.
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