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Random addons installed

I recently started using SyncUI and figured I'd start using Minion to help keep it up to date. The first time I ran Minion, it said all of my addons were out of date which I thought was odd because I keep Curse running in the background (although I had closed it prior to running Minion) and notice anytime an addon needs updating, but decided to update them with Minion anyway.

When I logged into WoW, my UI was a mess. The game froze up and Windows closed it. When I opened it back up, I looked at my addons and right off the bat I noticed addons I'd never even heard of and others I knew about, but don't use. There were about 6 different addons, (some with many modules) that I know I would never use that had been installed.

Oddly enough, SyncUI was not only NOT listed in Minion, but it was disabled in my addons when I logged back in.

Anyone else experience anything like this? If it wasn't for the fact that Minion comes from such a reputable site as WoWInterface, I would be worried about things being installed w/o my knowledge.

Addons Minion installed:

Discord Art
Discord Art Options
Discord Library
Discord Unit Frame Options

Dominos Action Sets
Dominos Cast
Dominos Config
Dominos Encounter
Dominos Progress
Dominos Roll

Answering Machine





XLoot Frame
XLoot Group
XLoot Master
XLoot Monitor
XLoot Options

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