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That doesn't change the fact that they are unnecessary now. The reasons why no-lib versions became a "thing" was to:
1. shorten load times (which should be hardly noticeable with current computers)
2. save disk space (which is negligible when you take into account the size of library files, the size of the WoW directory, and the size of current hard drives)
3. lower memory used by addons within WoW (negligible when you take into account the amount of RAM modern computers have, and the fact that LibStub only loads the most recent version of a library into memory, not all of the copies)
The only one that might still be valid is:
4. A developer checking on their addon's memory usage apart from the libraries used (and in this case, the developer is fully capable of making the addon they are currently working on run without libs embedded)
IMO, that one (weak) reason isn't enough to add support for it for all users in Minion. Many authors back in the day (and still today) discouraged the use of no-lib addons by regular users. So, unless you have a reason that I have forgotten above, I would argue that the time and energy would be better spent elsewhere.

/edited to add: some libraries don't even have a standalone version (LibDataBroker, for example)
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