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Reskin Frame problem

Hi all,

I wanted to try adding a skinning module and almost finished. I am just finishing some bugs and wanted help with one of them. I know there is Aurora but wanted to make it integrated with my UI so that I am able to control the settings better.

I cannot seem to change the text color of the following text for quest titles (It is the one that shows up black when I am trying to make it white):

This is the code I am using:

Lua Code:
  1. local function ChangeTextColor(str, color)
  2.     if (color == "white") then
  3.         str:SetTextColor(1,1,1)
  4.     elseif (color == "red") then
  5.         str:SetTextColor(RED_FONT_COLOR.r, RED_FONT_COLOR.g, RED_FONT_COLOR.b)
  7.     elseif (color == "yellow") then
  9.     elseif (color == "orange") then
  11.     end
  12.     str:SetShadowColor(0, 0, 0, 0.6)
  13.     str:SetShadowOffset(1, -1)
  14. end
  16. for i = 1, 31 do
  17.     if (_G["GossipTitleButton"..i]) then
  18.         ChangeTextColor(_G["GossipTitleButton"..i]:GetFontString(), "white")
  19.     end
  20. end

The function is pretty basic.

Thanks for reading!
EDIT: I also tried "_G["GossipTitleButton"..i]:SetNormalFontObject(GameFontNormal) " but that does not work either.

EDIT: Fixed but got anther issue.
I found out I had to edit this global which I found in the GossipFrame.lua file:

Lua Code:
  1. NORMAL_QUEST_DISPLAY = "|cffffffff%s|r"

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