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Post HUD Addon List [Dialup Beware]

HUD Addons

This list is horribly outdated, the addons listed here will NOT WORK with the current version of WoW, unless they have been updated. Do NOT use them or it will cause problems [mostly blizzard will be blocking functions that these addons used].

The Question is asked on the:
Forums almost daily so here is an Un-offical list of the HUD addons released

After a few months break from wow, and getting close to a years break since the last update to this list im back, and ready to update this damned thing once again once i get a few hours away from the game to test and take screenshots of the latest and greatest HUDs.

Change Log:
14/06/2006 -- Finished the Discord Section's new Layout
17/04/2006 -- Testing new Layout
14/04/2006 -- Got around to updating some things, removing dead links ect...
11/03/2006 -- Added some more HUD's to the Discord Section.
01/03/2006 -- Added some older versions of Nurfed_HUD to the list
25/02/2006 -- Been away for a while, changed and added Loz's HUD to the Discord Section
15/02/2006 -- Added Custom Textures to the Nurfed_HUD
14/02/2006 -- Updated the Discord Section [No screenies ATM]
14/02/2006 -- Images cropped to fit the forum better
14/02/2006 -- Added some extra info to some of the Addons
14/02/2006 -- Initial Post

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