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Originally Posted by Barleduq View Post
Any other suggestions? Anyone else doing outreach? If your comment is going to be 'suck it up', 'get over it', or something else along those lines, please just pass by. If I was willing to permit 3rd party cookies, or add ANOTHER website/password/adstream to my bandwidth, I would have.
Honestly that sounds like an entitlement problem. Do you realize you're asking addon authors to start doing double the maintenance work of keeping their addons uploaded to more than one source at once, just for you and your specific needs/configuration, when you don't even pay them and they do it all for free?

To the addon authors, regardless of how valid your reasons may be, you're just one user who decided to be difficult about how you get your addons. If they agree to do it, then cool. If they don't, give them an incentive to do it, something they stand to gain from you, instead of just bothering them over and over trying to convince them (which by the way would make me block you.)
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