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Originally Posted by Animalm4st3r View Post
go crawl back under your stone and come back, after you've gotten the knowledge of how hard it is to code a addon even a simple one is more work then doing it in one day so go and shut up
no one said it was easy to code...what isn't hard is to take a few minutes of time to come on this site and answer one simple question which needs a Y or N answer. that is all everyone here wanted, including the fan who was helping out everyone else in the meantime.

go find your own stone and some manners, because a lot of people made every effort to contact the owners/authors...they couldn't have been unaware. i work more than one job, and i'm busy as heck, but i still check my email and answer my phone. that part isn't hard.

with that being said, i'm glad the authors are back to work on this...hoping we have a great version to guide our travels by the time MoP goes live...i'm sure we're all eager to test the updates!