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Druid shapeshift bug: Kitty Stealth

Found a new issue/bug, and after reading the patch notes, and everything I remember reading over the 150 pages, this hasn't been brought up/mentioned anywhere.

I've been leveling up a 30 something druid, and having a blast in kitty form. Until i set up nui on that char and went into prowl. My bars didn't change at all. I know with the blizz default action bars I get an effect similar to a rogue going into stealth, ie., I have a different set of buttons when i go stealth/prowl than i have when in normal form. Is this a bug/limitation of the ui, or is this something that was merely overlooked and can be fixed.

Not a huge issue, just might mean I'll have to use a different ui setup on my druid. =(

(I <3 NUI )