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This is not a bug... it's how the default Bliz action bar engine works... you can verify this by disabling all mods and then shifting into kitty form and going stealth... you'll find that the bar does not change.

I'm going to guess you were using Bartender or Bongos or some other bar mod previously which offered the kitty stealth feature. Right now nUI uses strictly the 120 action buttons that Bliz supports. In due time, I will be adding support for more advanced bar features such as you're referring to, but not for a while yet.


Originally Posted by Semhirage View Post
Found a new issue/bug, and after reading the patch notes, and everything I remember reading over the 150 pages, this hasn't been brought up/mentioned anywhere.

I've been leveling up a 30 something druid, and having a blast in kitty form. Until i set up nui on that char and went into prowl. My bars didn't change at all. I know with the blizz default action bars I get an effect similar to a rogue going into stealth, ie., I have a different set of buttons when i go stealth/prowl than i have when in normal form. Is this a bug/limitation of the ui, or is this something that was merely overlooked and can be fixed.

Not a huge issue, just might mean I'll have to use a different ui setup on my druid. =(

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