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Question Quest Revealer?

Is there an add on that shows where every quest is in every zone?

If not this would be of great help to me and a few people I know.

I use Quest Helper which is great for getting me around to the right spots and to get the right stuff, But I would like something that shows on the map of which ever zone i'm in all the quests in that zone.

I have read some stuff on here and it seems that an add on that tracks quests is possibile and once you do a quest it would disappear from the map, I would of course need to have some way to mark quests as done if I did do them already as it seems an add on of this type would only track from the time after it is installed.

So to sum it up an add on that shows all quests (quest givers?) on the main map zone by zone so I can be sure I got them all.

Thanks for your time in reading this and efforts if you make or have made an add on that does this.
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