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Just me is all not a fan of Carbonite I don't know that it is any one thing or if it is a combination of things buy just didn't like it and added to that I have no money to pay for anything more and well that pretty much kills any chance of me getting it anyway.

I'd love to have money to pay people for their hard work on here matter of fact there are several people I know whom have or do vairous work on the internet that allow people access to their work free and hope for donations that I'd love to give money to but alas that dang powerball lotto just does not seem to like me.

As to Cartographer yes I worded stuff wrong and yes it is free it was Carbonite I was refering to as a paid for add on.

I'll go look up Cartographer on one of those sites and see whats what.

Again thanks for your time in reading my ramblings have a good day.
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