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Originally Posted by Aeriez View Post
I've done all of the steps and I've gotten it working... mostly. However, it seems to scream at every single variable as undefined. "globalfinder: W113 - accessing undefined variable 'table'". Is this expected to happen? The only part of the instructions I was unable to execute was "In Sublime Tools -> SublimeLinter -> Toggle Linter then enable globalfinder and disable any other installed linters.". I'm guessing it's for an older version of Sublime as I'm not finding Sublime Tools. Bringing up the overlay I only have "Toggle highlights" and no "Toggle Linter", nor globalfinder. Any insight?
The SublimeLinter got rewritten and there are no GUI menu anymore, you can access their linter settings at Preferences -> Package Settings -> SublimeLinter -> Settings

Then you can enable/disable linters there and call them with custom parameters:

If you would like to customize which warnings/errors you want to show/hide with the linter, then i suggest you to install SublimeLinter-luacheck, and you can enable that linter after you disable the globalfinder one and filter stuff for your needs.

You can read more about the command line arg options here:

And exclude different warning codes with the `--only [XXX,YYY,ZZZ,...]` argument based on these codes:

You can also create a `.luacheckrc` file that you can put into your project folder, then the linter will always load those settings for that particular project:

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