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Originally Posted by milz2 View Post
awesome that nearly 2 weeks after a patch comes out that the original addon writer has finally had the nerve to say something after the hundreds of posts asking where he has been.
Wow..have you lost your mind? Neither Faatal OR Rythal HAD to do anything to this addon. The carbonite authors owe us nothing at all. This entire addon is voluntary. Frankly, the authors could shut down this website right now and there wouldn't be a dang thing we could do about it. They are busy, life happens. And for those of you saying "well they SHOULD have answered us", there is no SHOULD in this situation. Now, grow up and be grateful. I know I am...to all of those involved keeping this addon alive. Instead of complaining, say THANK YOU.

THANK YOU Faatal and thank you again Rythal. My game is much more enjoyable with this addon and I appreciate all the time and work that has gone into this.