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Originally Posted by MunkDev View Post
What's the difference between them? I'm using the events of the default UI to handle quest data.
Also, are you sure your code is working properly? I mean, that's an excessive amount of spam of that event.
Yes the code is ok, we need to use those functions to update map and zones or player position. There is no other way. The fact is that QUEST_LOG_UPDATE is triggering so often is becouse Blizz make it that way.

They didnt want to change it and they introduced UNIT_QUEST_LOG_CHANGED: http://wowprogramming.com/docs/event...ST_LOG_CHANGED

Fires when a unit's quests change (accepted/objective progress/abandoned/completed). This event will trigger both for your status changes, and that of others (when in a party/raid), and signifies that something has changed regarding the unit's current quests. This event triggering means that one of the following has occured: Accepted a new quest, abandoned an existing quest, achieved progress on the objectives of a quest, or completed (turned in) a quest.

The difference is that it only triggers on "accepted/objective progress/abandoned/completed" and thats what u need
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