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Originally Posted by sylvanaar View Post
I play (badly) a resto druid. What is this about?
If lifebloom is at 30% of its initial duration and you re-cast lifebloom on to that target, the finishing "bloom" will happen. It is essential to only recast it in this window or you lose that burst heal.

Since it is based on a hidden timer, there's no way to know if you can re-cast it to get the bloom effect or not. It's all guessing. On live, it can be anywhere from 4.5 seconds to 5.85 seconds from my testing.

So, I wanted to have some code that highlights lifebloom on raid frames when it is in this essential window so you don't have to guess anymore.

Still not 100% there yet, unfortunately--although I know it is possible from that screenshot I showed.

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