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Error with Carbonite

This may not be the correct place to post this, and I'm sorry if it's not. I just started playing again after a 3 year heitus. I've had to reload and update all of my addons. I'm now getting an error message with Carbonite. Please help. I have Lua error box with 11 errors. I can't copy of them. The second error count keeps counting and won't let me copy.

Message: Interface\AddOns\Carbonite\NxTravel.lua:385: attempt to index local 'dstInfo' (a nil value)
Time: 01/24/15 15:47:31
Count: 1
Stack: [C]: ?
Interface\AddOns\Carbonite\NxTravel.lua:385: in function `MakePath'
Interface\AddOns\Carbonite\NxMap.lua:5708: in function `CalcTracking'
Interface\AddOns\Carbonite\NxMap.lua:8875: in function `GotoPlayer'
Interface\AddOns\Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:9841: in function `TrackOnMap'
Interface\AddOns\Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:9381: in function `Set'
Interface\AddOns\Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:9275: in function `UserFunc'
Interface\AddOns\Carbonite\NxUI.lua:6459: in function `UserFunc'
Interface\AddOns\Carbonite\NxUI.lua:3659: in function <Interface\AddOns\Carbonite\NxUI.lua:3641>

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