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Well looks like Calamity Jade quest may use the extra action button. As in it seemed I should have an action button displayed but I didn't get one ... will have to wait until I get to test it again with my next toon. Unfortunately I didn't jump out quickly enough to get to try it a few times rofl


edit: Make that the quest 'What's mined is Yours' quest. http://www.wowhead.com/quest=29930/whats-mined-is-yours I've abandoned it and will try it without nUI and see what appears to confirm.

edit2: Then again with base UI it doesn't show a vehicle bar change. Just the hop out button and you use your own spells to attack the mobs. Checking to see if my attempts at getting the extra bar to work has messed up nUI's way of dealing with it.

edit3: Okay, we have a problem. I reverted back to 5.07.26 without my extra changes and found that the page changing code I implemented due to the extra changes with vehicle and override bars seem to be at fault.

We need to somehow have the overridebar/vehiclebar work so that if there are no buttons needed. For this quest it triggers a vehicle being used but we don't want to override the bar with its abilities or lack of it. However, when mounting in the tournament argent grounds you want the override bar to update with its abilities. Somehow this isn't working. If I change the line in buttonbar.lua to the following:

RegisterStateDriver(nUI_ActionBar, "page", "[vehicleui] 12; [bar:2] 2; [bar:3] 3; [bar:4] 4; [bar:5] 5; [bar:6] 6; [bonusbar:1] 7; [bonusbar:2] 8; [bonusbar:3] 9; [bonusbar:4] 10; [bonusbar:5] 11;1" );

The argent tournament works fine but the quest replaces the action bar with empty buttons so you're stuck trying to defend yourself with no abilities and the fair games don't show their buttons either. With the following:

RegisterStateDriver(nUI_ActionBar, "page", "[vehicleui] 12; [overridebar] 14; [bar:2] 2; [bar:3] 3; [bar:4] 4; [bar:5] 5; [bar:6] 6; [bonusbar:1] 7; [bonusbar:2] 8; [bonusbar:3] 9; [bonusbar:4] 10; [bonusbar:5] 11;1" );

You get a similar effect but the fair games work fine as they use the overridebar trigger. With the following:

RegisterStateDriver(nUI_ActionBar, "page", "[overridebar] 14; [bar:2] 2; [bar:3] 3; [bar:4] 4; [bar:5] 5; [bar:6] 6; [bonusbar:1] 7; [bonusbar:2] 8; [bonusbar:3] 9; [bonusbar:4] 10; [bonusbar:5] 11;1" );

You get the quest working fine and possibly the fair games but can't test that yet but the argent tournament bar won't change its buttons. So needless to say I am a bit stuck at the moment.

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