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Here's a question.... do you *ever* have a vehicle UI bar *and* need to use your main action bar (or the "extra" bar)?

I can't think of a single case. Am I wrong?

That being the case.... I should think the vehicle buttons should stay on the main action bar. But I am unsure if you ever need the vehicle UI and the extra bar at the same time... I'm guessing no.

Gawd... I hate this. It's so confusing this mishmash of bars and buttons we seem to have now. Trying to figure out rules for what bars to show when and what you can/cannot hide is starting to give me a headache.

For the moment in nUI6...
  1. If you are in Pet Battle... I hide all of the bars except the pat battle bar and even the minimap so you have a clean UI to work with.
  2. If you have a possession bar, I show it to the left of the main action bar
  3. If you have a stance/stealth bar, I show it to the right of the main action bar
  4. If you have a pet bar, I show it above the main action bar
  5. If you have a vehicle UI bar, I replace the main action bar with it
So... do we ever need the extra bar and main bar at the same time? (I don't think so)

Is the "extra bar" the same as the "extra action button" ? (I don't think so)

Does the "extra bar" use the same keybinds as the main action bar? (I don't think so)

Would it be better to replace the pet action bar with the vehicle action bar? (I don't think so... I don't think you ever use the vehicle UI and the main action bar at the same time)

Does the vehicle action bar use the same key binds as the pet action bar? (I think it uses the main action bar key binds)

*IF* the extra bar does *not* replace the main bar or use the same key binds, would replacing the possession bar with it be a problem?

Then there's the issue of the vehicle exit button and the extra action button still to be sorted out.

I seriously need more caffeine. Feedback anyone?

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