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Kkthnx, it is people like you that makes a community bad. You and your kind seems to demand everything for free, always and ever. People like Scott does not owe you anything, if something you owe him, and that is the truth.

I have not used nUI for a long time, but I have read all the mails that have popped in about it, and I just cant understand how stupid some people are, but hey I almost forgot, I see them in trade everyday.
I know there is ways of making it legal an still charge for an addon, look at how Zygor is still in business. Yes, the addon is free, but not the extra content for it, seems to work.

I also see a lot of addons on Curse that have closed comments, and its own community for it, I totally understand that then I see all the hate and childish comments on other addons.

Scott, even if I don't use nUI anymore, I still think it is a piece of good work, and I would never hate you for trying to restrict the community around it.
I too think a good idea would be to have a forum where you are in charge who can enter.

And when I look at announcements like this I'm sure someone misunderstood something among the lines.

To be honest, I think it is a little sad that Blizzard does not allow people to charge for addons, some are great and is a lot of work behind them.

Quoting the post right above you`re own just make the post unnecessary long.
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