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Originally Posted by bruj0 View Post
Did anybody stop and think under what reason can Blizzard limit what a person can write or not write?

They dont own the LUA lenguage, addon authors are merely using their API and that doesnt constitue a breach of copyright:


The API are public that means they cant be considered "trade secret" or whatever they want to classify them to
enforce their rules.

They have absolutly 0 legs to stand on limiting authors addons.

So what stops somebody to start charging for an addon if they want , the code will be 100% their copyright,
it is not derivative since there is NO code from Blizzard on any addon ever.
There have been situations where addons have been banned by Blizzard, I think they then restricted the API`s that can be used or something like that.
I remember there was an addon long long time ago that draw things onto the 3D world, that is not longer allowed to do. Maybe I just misunderstood you on what you meant too.

Quoting the post right above you`re own just make the post unnecessary long.
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