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Originally Posted by Kkthnx View Post
Honestly the idea that you are trying to get people to pay for your addon is sickening. We already pay 15 bucks a month to play the game. Its like we have to pay to use the bathroom but we already pay for our house payments... Makes no sense and sounds greedy. You do not have to put up with anyone at all, there are ways around all that.
You pay for Windows, so all software that runs on Windows should be free?

It's the same thing. I've always disagreed with Blizzard's "Addons must be free" policy. I understand why it's there (To stop someone charging you for an addon that is terrible quality, barely works, whatever or even doesn't do what it is described to do) but that's the same with any software industry. In my opinion, addon authors should have the same control over their software that regular Windows/Mac software authors have.

But money, from what I understand, isn't the issue here. Scott was disappointed by the lack of response to his donation drive, but the thing that hurt him the most is the abuse he received from his so called fans. You don't want to donate to what Scott considers a worthy cause? Fine. Ignore the email. Unsubscribe from the email list. Don't hit the reply button and immediately send a hate filled email. Don't jump on the forums and whine about it. Just ignore it. He wasn't demanding or requiring we donate to anything. He asked us if we could please spare a few dollars, and that is all he did.

Sorry for the little rant, but if I was in Scott's shoes, I'd be just as hurt at the community's reaction. Except I, unlike Scott, would probably close up shop altogether.
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