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Solution, maybe?

I don't normally like to get involved in public debates such as this, because so much of the public has a tendency to ignore facts and spew drivel. This makes the entire "debate" a pointless exercise most of the time. Still, I think it's important for Scott to see some responses from the public that aren't negative in nature. I really appreciate the support I've seen in this thread for Scott.

First my opinion: I think Scott is a great, hard working guy. I don't know him personally but I've been using nUI for years, and I've been sending him a (admittedly small) monthly donation for years. I think he was treated horribly when he asked for voluntary donations (before all this started) for his charity, and so many users responded by flaming him. I think Scott may have overreacted in his initial response, but that's perfectly understandable. Since that point, this issue has clearly spun out of control.

My thinking on the matter:

A. Continue to release the full version of nUI to the public.
B. Do not charge or restrict access (in any way) to said download of the full version of nUI.
C. Provide technical support and accept bug reports only on the nUI website subscriber section. Do not participate in support forums elsewhere.
D. Only provide access to the nUI website subscriber section to those who have donated, volunteer their time to assist, or that you (Scott) for whatever reason chose to grant access to.

I figure that this will insure that the code meets Blizzard's "free access" requirement, while keeping a buffer between Scott and the trolls with their highly overdeveloped sense of entitlement.

What do you think?
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