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Originally Posted by bruj0 View Post
Did anybody stop and think under what reason can Blizzard limit what a person can write or not write?

They dont own the LUA lenguage, addon authors are merely using their API and that doesnt constitue a breach of copyright:


The API are public that means they cant be considered "trade secret" or whatever they want to classify them to
enforce their rules.

They have absolutly 0 legs to stand on limiting authors addons.

So what stops somebody to start charging for an addon if they want , the code will be 100% their copyright,
it is not derivative since there is NO code from Blizzard on any addon ever.
Legally, I don't think Blizzard's policy would standup in court (I am no legal expert though). That's like Apple saying you can't root the iPhone (That has already been challenged in court, and Apple lost), or Microsoft saying you can only use Internet Explorer. BUT from a technical stand point, I'm sure they have a ban list function of some kind that can recognize addons they don't like and put a stop to them.
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