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I am overly glad to see not only public users(such as myself) but also other Add-on Authors posting in support of Scott and NUI.

Now, I haven't played WOW for about 6 months now, but prior to that NUI was my only way to play successfully. I tried other interfaces, but just didn't like how they performed, and always fell back to NUI when updates were available.

I tried helping on the support end, but ultimately my lack of Add-on programming experience limited me to simply posting bugs and testing stuff when I could.

I hope Blizzard doesn't do something drastic like block NUI, but I agree with many users here that the best course would be to continue to make the add-on freely available in its full version, but simply limit the support and bug reporting to those users who have demonstrated their willingness to help the community along.

I sincerely hope that NUI is still there for me when I do eventually come back to WOW.
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