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Originally Posted by LBXZero View Post
Are you still working on this problem? I recently did some work modifying the spellbook for WoW Classic, and I may be able to help given the experimentation I did.
Thanks a lot for your reply and your kind offer - and I apologize for taking so long in getting back to you (I had not noticed your reply).
I haven't been working on it, but I do still have the problem. I go around it by creating high level Trial Characters (which eventyally expire) and getting the data from them (sometimes after I've done some leveling on them to get the spells). It's time consuming but it's how I've been doing it.

I am currently only working on Live (and occasionaly PTR) and I may not even need to work on it for Classic (I released LibSpellName2SID as a replacement to the abandoned LibBabble-SpellNames - tjhe oldest release in that lib's official repository is from the TBC expansion (or is it WoTLK?), but I found a version from Vanilla somewhere else (I haven't tested it yet and I'm not even sure where it's been legally hosted, so... But hopefully I'll be able to use that when the time comes).
So, as to the problem above, I'd gretaly apreciate your thoughts.

The context for the coding is in an addon that isn't published as such, but rather part of the LibSpellName2SID project. It can be downloaded from:
(you can check the branches too, if you're so inclined; that's where I keep the work for the next version).

Thanks in advance!
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