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Originally Posted by Cralor View Post
Shamans being the least played class, and Enhancement being the least played talent tree. (Though, I think now that we're in Cataclysm, Enhancement seems to be a little bit more popular!)
While that is very much subject to realm and faction, on an average (according to WarcraftRealms) both rogues and warlocks are played less than shamans over the last 30 days.

I also believe that of the three trees available to shamans, Enhancement is the most used build, with an offspec for restoration, particularly for leveling. However, I'm only basing this on my instincts rather than facts, so I admit I could be dead wrong, but it does make sense seeing as how Enhancement is indisputably the easymode leveling spec for shamans (much like Retri was for pallies and Frost was for mages).

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