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Bugs: No map and a couple of others

First of all, let me say congratulations and thank you for a triumphant return.

The problems my girlfriend and I are having are rather odd. Neither of us has a map that works. We have the arrow, but nothing else, this is in a capital city and outside it too. There's no picture, it doesn't move, nothing. When you bring up the world map, its just a blank frame as well. We've disabled the addons known to cause problems, and a few others and the same thing.

My girlfriend is having issues with the moving minimap buttons into the Carbonite frame. At first, it would do nothing when she clicked it, then finally it moved the buttons (some but not all) into the frame, but the frame wasn't visible.

I didn't see any posts where anyone described anything similar, so I thought maybe I'd post so if anyone else is having similar issues, you've become aware of it. Thank you.
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