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Minion addons and 6.2

Ok so really like WI so figured i wld give u chance with the minion2:

So first off It wrecked my ui :
replacing Elvui 8.16v ( original from tuk) with elvui by bonk (which by the way only put me back to classic while wiping out EVERY preset I had built up from WOD release. So I tried assign minion2 to ignore ELVui and it puts it into the Automatic update window < Really!,
but wait there's more.
So next we move to skada which current release is 1.4-31, and what dose minion 2 do reverts it to 1.4.30 < again REALLY!
I cld go on with handynotes etc ... but what's the point.
So here's where we are right now I will be rebuilding my COMPLETE UI ty and will not be able to use your Minion2 until there is some belief it wont do more harm than good, and to the trolls that wld say >> "it said it was beta", there is big difference in something that needs a few bug worked out and something that falls flat on its face!

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