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Let's say you want to create Chests notes:
You have to create a new folder in \Interface\AddOns\ named: Carbonite.Notes.Chests
Then create a new file named Carbonite.Notes.Chests.toc containing:
## Interface: 60000
## Title: Carbonite Notes - Chests
## Version: 1.0
## Author: noobinit
## Notes: Description of the addon
## DefaultState: Enabled
## LoadOnDemand: 0
## RequiredDeps: Carbonite.Notes

note: the values for Title, Version, Author & Notes are just examples and should be changed according to you're purpose.

And another new file named Chests.lua containing the data according to atl77 specification.
For example:
Nx.Notes:AddonNote("Chests","Chest Name 1",4,16,40,49)
Nx.Notes:AddonNote("Chests","Chest Name 2",4,17,21,56)
Nx.Notes:AddonNote("Chests","Chest Name 3",4,17,66,36)
Nx.Notes:AddonNote("Chests","Chest Name 4",4,19,45,88)
Nx.Notes:AddonNote("Chests","Chest Name 5",4,19,61,14)
P.S. The available icons can be found in NxFav.lua (for now the link will lead you directly to them, once the code changes you can find them by searching for self.NoteIcons).

BTW Can support for dungeon floors be added to the notes?

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