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Originally Posted by atl77 View Post
Actually, Carbonite progresses rather fast. What is nice and slow are official releases, but Rythal has been firm that he wants to take the time to make things run smooth before releasing, since he'll be offroads a few weeks without the chance to fix things.
It's precisely the reason that you and the other volunteer developers have accomplished so much valuable work on the GitHub, that I thought of my rather cryptic comment. However, all that work is in vain unless users get to use it. Why can't the "Live" version have updates to it, just like normal Beta software has? Why do we users have to wait until another full New Release is ready to download? That means users (not developers) have to wait nearly a month, or maybe longer, before Rythal returns from Europe. Personally, I'd prefer (not expect) to have those tested sections of code (which are sitting uselessly in the GitHub) patched into the current Live version so that Carbonite works at least somewhat better until Rythal returns.

(incorrect) You said this earlier, and it's what got me thinking about 'update patches'.

EDITED: changed the above comment "You said this earlier..." to read "ircdirk said this earlier..."

ircdirk said this earlier, and it's what got me thinking about 'update patches'.
"Rythal when are u plannig next release? Many fixes have been made in GitHub. Users are still reporting issues that are already fixed."

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