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Originally Posted by atl77 View Post
Wonderful how you put ircdirk's question out of context. But don't you fret, I have already proposed a more transparent and open release process to improve that issue.
You are right. I was wrong. It was ircdirk's comment, not yours. So, I edited that post.

I don't how my comment was out of context. I'm looking at the Live version from a user's point of view, not from a developer's view point. If the Live version doesn't get even partially updated, athough there is "some" already-corrected code available, then the Live version remains the same. Hence, my statement "The less things change, the more they stay the same!" was meant to say that the Live version still remains the same. Not the working GitHub code. You folks are doing great with that. I guess it's only my sense of humor that is being misunderstood. I did not intend to open this can of worms! Sorry. I wish Cairenn would delete this entire thread! I was only hoping that the finished, good code in the GitHub could be added to the Live version as in interim 'patch' before Rythal left town.

EDITED: clarification... HOPING -- not demanding, insisting, etc.

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