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First of all, sorry that I'm a bit rare for the moment but have to do some stuff for work,

I find the Idea great, at the moment I close pull requests for translation parts only, because all other I don't know if they are Ok I think atl has same problems to make decissions, If we had a roadline like milestones we would better know what is ok and what not.

If Rythal could share is work on a branch we could see what is on the road and double work like e.g. weekly would be some how prevented.

And for Answer Questions it would be easier to know what is on road and what should be looked at by someone else.

To the Idea with the Homepage, the Design is nice and it would be easier to share Information to Users as well as a part for further things like Questinformation sharing.

I Know Rythal has many things to do, I see it on my open Pull request and I'm a bit upset to nothing heard about it, not a descisson but a feedback would be great.

Greetings Samyonair
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