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What needs to be done right now that I can think of (and another reason I'd prefer a tracking system, I have bad memory :P)

- Profiles, they work but they were attempting to do too much. The base profile system in nxoptions needs to be reduced to only affect the base carbonite and not try to cause profile switches in the modules
- Each module needs a profile settings, somewhere in options.
- I had wanted an all in one profile system so there was only one place you needed to do profile copys, delete's or changes but I could never get it to work... it's still the preferable way to do it I think if someone else wants to try and tackle it with fresh eyes.
- Every module still stores information in the main profile. Warehouse data, quest data, pals data etc etc they need to be moved and stored into the correct module profiles, and the main Char. table adjusted as they load.

- I saw the report that all quests are drawing !'s on the map, needs looked into if it's not removing already done quests.

- tracked Currencies is out of date
- regent bank doesn't update
- I want to look into guild bank recording, and possibly sharing using libguildbank

- the issue is it's trying to attach to the map before the map is even known, a side effect of carbonite forcing itself to be the last addon that loads. A check in the function to just exit if the map is 0 should fix the problem.

- Raid tracking needs looking into since the way I thought should work doesn't.

- A one time notice with check box to say don't show me this again to explain the break up of the addon. Looking at download stats only 1 in about 10 people are actually downloading anything other then maps, so either maps really was the only thing people wanted, or they are not reading the download pages to see there's more addons now.
- Dungeon levels support needs to be added.
- Experimenting with Compatability mode, along with the various UI replacements to see if it's even still needed or just a setting that causes more problems then it fixes.

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