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All quests...

Thanks for the replies.

All or most of the quests in her quest logs across multiple severs & a huge variety of characters, classes & levels are showing the same issue, even quests that have been minimized show the Null lines as soon as they are maximized.
/reload is not working & I have completely wiped her old Carbonite install & all settings prior to installing the new release.
Sometimes (seemingly random) those null lines disappear & the quests will behave normally but regressing later... I have not been able to replicate it even tho I have seen the issue before maybe 1-2 years ago?

Edit -In the list of known issues with other addons. She is not using any in the list.
Her addons are TRP2, Altoholic, Mogit, Gathermate 2, Master Plan, Bulkie & Garrison Mission Manager.

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