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Originally Posted by lungdesire View Post
But how print in chat minPrice and name seller? Need an example "Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion". Thanks
There are probably a number of functions that you can use... like me you may have to play with a few to see what they do if wowpedia doesn't have clear documentation or the blizzard files don't use them in their own code.

I just noticed that "ITEM_SEARCH_RESULTS_UPDATED" event has the following event parameters
local itemKey, auctionID = ...;

But I haven't figured out which of the different functions/events will utilise that auctionID to get access to the individual owner of that auction.


result = C_AuctionHouse.GetItemSearchResultInfo(itemKey, itemSearchResultIndex)

returns multiple details for that particular item, including a list of owners selling that particular item. Remember, the change made to the auction house is that rather than seeing an individual auction item you are seeing an item being auctioned by many people and you are just buying x amount of them without knowing who you are buying from.


The above think will work after a call to this function ( 100 per minute allowed )
C_AuctionHouse.SendSearchQuery(itemKey, sorts, separateOwnerItems)

This call then has the events
that will trigger when the results are ready and you can use the above GetItemSearchResult functions to get the Item details and there are functions that work similarly for commodities.

There may be more fancier ways of getting at the data though if the Blizzard Auction House code is to go by.

This link details the changes made to the AuctionHouse as a whole. It might be that your addon will have to change to work within the new system.


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