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ty, i try this, when i select dungeon, i directly call GetSpellDescription for all spellID in database:
Lua Code:
  1. set = function(info, value)
  2.                     selectedDungeon = value;
  3.                     local mapID = selectedDungeon and match(selectedDungeon, "(%d+)")
  4.                     if mapID then mapID = tonumber(mapID) end
  5.                     for i,v in pairs(L.MythicSpellData[mapID]) do
  6.                         GetSpellDescription(i)
  7.                     end  
  8.                     L.UpdateSpellDatabase()
  9.                 end,

and in another code i take 100% correct answer when call GetSpellDescription(spelID), dont need ContinueOnSpellLoad.

sry for eng.
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