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Originally Posted by Scale View Post
So if i understand i just have to copy:

aUF:setVisibilityOption(CurrentRaidSet, 1)

And paste it where i need it, but then when i run it:

attempt to call method 'setVisibilityOption' (a nil value)
I have got a look at ag source and you wont be able to use SetVisibility or I don't see the trick to do it because this is not aUF:SetVisibility which is set but

local function setVisibilityOption(option, value)
this is a local function and not global so you cannot call it outside the addon, you will have to write another function that is doing the same thing than the auf one, it's calling SetVisibility() auf api which this one is global

function aUF.classes.aUFgroup.prototype:SetVisibility()
if self.database.Hidden == true
or self.database.Exists == false
or (not (self.raidSetVisible) and self.type == "raid")
or (self.type == "raid" and aUF.db.profile.units.raid.HideFrame == true)
or (self.type == "party" and (aUF.db.profile.units.party.HideFrame == true or (aUF.db.profile.RaidHideParty and UnitInRaid("player")) ))
or (self.type == "partypet" and (aUF.db.profile.units.partypet.HideFrame == true or (aUF.db.profile.RaidHideParty and UnitInRaid("player")) )) then
and can be called, it's not that easy to use addons functions from source directly so if you are really not fine with addon, better to start understanding from scratch
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