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Help replacing addons not being maintained

With 4.3 on the horizon, I have some addons that are no longer being maintained that I have a feeling are going to get broken when the patch lands. As such, I am trying to be a bit preemptive and find replacements for them.

The first is Mapster. Still appears to work, but I fear will get broken soon. Has not been updated since May, despite many user requests. The features I use most in this addon are the coordinates and the fog clear. So I need help finding a simple map addon that will at least give me that much. Profile settings would also be nice.

The second is XanDurability. Gives a small % display of your durability. This one is the one, imo, that is most likely to survive 4.3, but since its not being maintained, I need to find a replacement.

The third is XanMortarPestle. This addon allows you to hold down the alt key and then click on an item in order to mill/prospect/disenchant/lock pick. Very useful little time saver.

The last is XanTooltipHoudini. This addon causes your tooltip to hide itself whenever you enter combat.

Any help that anyone can provide pointing me to suggestions for replacements for any of these addons would be greatly appreciated.
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