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And, it used to be true that all potential nodes (mining & herbalism) were visible since they were built into Carbonite or else they got them from Blizzard somehow, not loaded from some 3rd party source. Carbonite's Route feature used to draw a dashed line on both of the Carbonite map views (the larger and smaller one) to each potential node location (and, the node icons were visible on the map! That helped users distinguish what kind of herb etc. was a potential one to gather). Of course, users still had to glance up at Blizzard's minimap to see the flashing nodes which indicated that the node had something actually at that node. Unless I'm missing something, now the nodes only show up after you've mined or picked each individual node to add it to the game's "memory". Bummer. I used Carbonite's (GatherMate?) "Load nodes" and "Load herbs" options, but it doesn't seem to load anything usable. I don't understand that. The Route will only 'route' to the nodes I've visited up to that point, which kinda' defeats the purpose, imo.
-- Note: I have been using the latest GitHub DEV version.

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