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Unhappy low framerate

Hi Im not new to wow but i am having issues with carbonite quest addon with my druid character.... I went thru all process and eliminations with blizzard. It only happens when i have carbonite quests addon abled..the other addons work. I just upgraded my graphic card to GeForce Nvida 730 with the 2g memory and added 8 more to my computers memory in all i have 14g.. plenty now lol. After all elimination process its is still lagging when i enable that addon.... Blizzard told me it was because im a druid..... sry dont believe that been running carbonite addons since i started playing five yrs ago worked fine.. until legion .. I have no issues running the addons with other toons just the druid which so happens to be my main toon . I started legion with a little lag and it progressively got worse to where my character wont move framerate 4. I love this addon and am really frustrated i cant get it to work with druid . These are the other addons i have maybe a conflict ?? dont think so ran them all for the same amount of time and no problems
Atlas loot 8.01.04
Atlas loot enhanced
Carbonite maps 7.0.3 , Carbonite quest 7.0.3, Carbonite Social 7.0.3
Collect me 6.2.91 which is disabled
Gatherer 7.0.1
GTFO 4.39
NPCS 7.03.19 and npcs overlay
Rarity and overlay 7.0
and last but not least Recount 7.03
As long as I have carbonite quest disabled fr in the 30 to 40 range with it enabled 3
I am hoping someone can tell me what is wrong and help me fix this issue really aggravated about it