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Thanks, that worked perfectly !

I've ran into another problem : at first I was just checking whether I was casting or not (at every frame). This worked fine but not only did I have a small problem with buffs falling off in the middle of a cast, I also thought I might optimize it by checking for combat log events. Now, it works fine, except when I start casting something and interrupt it in the following split second.
If I do that, the game sends me a SPELL_CAST_START, but no following SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS or SPELL_CAST_FAILED, so I'm still thinking I'm casting.

Now the only way I can figure out how to fix that is revert to my first implementation : check if I'm casting every frame.
Is that the only choice I have ?

Thanks for the help.

Edit : I didn't try looking for SPELL_CAST_INTERRUPTED, maybe that's what I was missing.

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