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Looking for addon altermative


I need help finding an alternative or addon that provides a specific functionality of other addons. The first one is the ability to see how many of an item all of my characters have. For example, if I mouseover an herb, in the tooltip, it will let me know what other characters have this specific herb or if I have any in the guild bank or my personal bank. I am currently using TSM for this functionality, but I am not an AH player, so using this addon for this functionality seems like overkill. I believe altoholic may do this as well, but again, that's a pretty big addon.

The second one is finding an alternative to All The Things which lets me know if I have collected something in the tooltip. It will either read "Collected" or "Not Collected".

I'm just trying to replace some heavy addons with lightweight ones that provide a single functionality. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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