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Execute function

If have been messing around with MetaMap,
When you click a node it will create a menu which will allow you to set it as a waypoint.

When you click it a menu is created with only one option (set as waypoint),
Now what i want to do it remove the menu and just set waypoint.

This is the code that does this:

		   info = {};
		   info.text = BWP_INFO_TEXT2..tempitem_XBWP.Name..BWP_INFO_TEXT3;
		   info.func = QuickSetMiniMenu;
		   info.value = tempitem_XBWP 
		   tempitem_XBWP = nil
		   UIDropDownMenu_AddButton(info); //create button

function  QuickSetMiniMenu()
	UIDropDownMenu_SetText(this.value.Name, BWP_MenuFrame_DropDown);
	setmininote(this.value.X,this.value.Y,this.value.Name, "7", this.value.zone);
Im pretty use the info object is the thing that needs executing,
I cant figure it out Any help would be greatly apriciated!

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