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Hi Honem,

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Originally Posted by honem View Post
Tagging changes , localisation changes , minor bug fixes, dry coding for problems they forsee coming up , toc number changes , reversions of previous changes .....
I have to say, I don't think this is actually the case for most updates. I would agree if you were talking about WoWAce - with WAU, a lot of the updates were superfluous, simply because they were updates to addons being hosted in a development environment. But, with Curse (excepting Curseforge), WoWI, and wowui, authors have to actually go through the (admittedly relatively easy) process of releasing the update.

Originally Posted by honem View Post
Anytime an author feels they should be getting out something to the public that's new with their addon.
OK, well, see, this is the key point that is the reason I, personally, disagree with your conclusion that people shouldn't be so hasty with installing addon updates: as you say yourself, the author feels they should be getting something out to the public that's new with their addon - as a member of the public, and as a user of said author's addon, I'd like to see what that is, by installing it.

Originally Posted by honem View Post
This does not imply that you should go out there and download every addon update there is for your addons. Neither does this imply you shouldn't download any addon updates at all.

Just that it's not necessary to keep doing this every single day when your UI doesn't have a single thing wrong with it.
Here's the thing: I actually basically agree with your overall sentiments - I don't think it's necessary to constantly be updating all your addons the second an update is released (and I do mean released :), and people who moan about not having some easier way to do that should shut their filthy heretic mouths.

However, that said, I don't see any reason why people shouldn't update their addons on a near-realtime basis, as long as they do it without any detrimental effects to the people who're providing them with the addons in the first place (ie, the addon hosts, and the addon authors). Sure, there's severely diminishing returns on effort spent updating, and doing so will inevitably result in a net increase in time wasted, but hey - you could say the same thing about WoW itself (a lot of my friends do!); the point is, why not.

I say this because I myself (or, I do when I'm actively playing WoW, at least) have a pretty healthy addiction to keeping up to date with addons: I update every addon before starting the game at least once a day. I've used most all the one-click updaters at some time or another and have tried out (and stuck with a few of) a whole shitload of other methods of keeping up-to-date (eg: email notifications, RSS feeds, SVN checkouts, manual checking, diffbot[1], custom scripts, etc.). I even made a a website to help me (and others) achieve this[2] more easily without stepping on anyone's toes.

So, with that in mind: I completely understand the joy of keeping all your addons on the bleeding edge; and also the pain associated with the loss of a notably efficient and effort-free way to accomplish this (and the moans that are a result of this). But that's life, man.

In conclusion: you're right it's not necessary to pay so much attention to updates, the people who want to update constantly are also right, berating them about the fact that they're wasting their time is right, it's right that addon hosts shouldn't be abused - which makes it right to address situations where they are abused, thus everyone is right and there's no issue here anymore. Right on!

Originally Posted by honem View Post
Did you use this as an excuse to post your Troll sig :D .
The troll sig needs no excuse! You will obey the Troll sig! Nicht be gerfeedink der trolls!

Stay shiny.


- fin

[1] Diffbot: the RSS feed for sites without RSS! Trés handy.
[2] In the entirely selfless interest of informing users about additional benefits my site (wowmods) offers, I feel it my duty to alert anyone reading this that it's also a handy-dandy place to search for addons (currently holding information on 10783 addons), and you can even integrate update information directly into your Google search results! (or add a gadget to your iGoogle homepage, if you have one). Woo, yay, etc.
[3] Hi Seerah!
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