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Originally Posted by ircdirk View Post
We need more information:
- u dont have any errors?
- is this latest from github, since its updated unregural and u can miss some fixes
- are u ally or horde?
- is this 110 or leveling character? if so which level
- give us some links to quests that works bad
After enabling lua errors and reloading, none are appearing. I'm sure it is the latest as I downloaded it from the link in your signature. I'm Horde, 110, world quests unlocked. It seems that the quest tracking and criteria are now working properly and everything is populated. I can try and get a video of it happening if it would help.

Edit: I am also not tracking that achievement. I completed it a couple weeks ago and have not tracked it since then.

Edit: Disregard the above. I have fixed it. I double checked the Variety is the Spice of Life achievement, and even though it was completed, the game was still tracking it. I didn't realize I would have to manually untrack even after it was completed. Everything is now working properly!

Last edit: After more testing and all addons were re-enabled, the quest tracker started showing blank criteria again. I was able to narrow it down to TSM having some sort of issue with the quest tracker. No idea why those two would have issues as they are unrelated, but disabling TSM fixed quest tracking.

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