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FactionUI - Warrior UI v1.0

Easy dps, enjoy!


Now im tired to see so many UIs, with so much more than necessary, the only thing it does, is to eat your fps, confused you, and actually make you perform worse.

I would like to share THE UI for warriors ive made the last few month while running ICC.

This pack is optimized for Fury Warriors with 1920x1080 resolution. (Arms doing good aswell)
All you need is here, and nothing more.
Low ressource use.
Ever tryed to tab headless around to find the right target duing to low fps, or just stressful time? Then you will be blessed with this pack aswell.
I would like some respons about errors, possible changes, and ideas.
If you gonna try it with another class, you will most likely get abit of a mess, and missing things, but if you still like it, or like some of it, let me know, and ill see what i can do.
Same goes for another resolution.


I recommend you to backup your WTF and Interface folder before copy this pack to your WoW folder.

Please give feedback.
In this forum thread. by mail, or even ingame.
Same go if you need help, find bugs, or whatever you want me to know.

Download link: http://www.wowinterface.com/download...yWarriors.html

Auther of FactionUI

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