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Chat boxes move when using different computers

Hi everyone im new here but this looks like the right place to come.

I have an annoying issue that may not be solvable but im hoping is.

I have 2 different set ups,


2 screens, i use sun art to make the left screen blank for maps and bags and panels i dont want opening over my main game, the game is then "played" on the right screen. I use elvui and move anything to position all my frames. i have other addons but no chat ones.

i then go to work, i have a PC with just 1 screen, sun art is disabled and generally i can move pretty much any frame where i want without it affecting my home pc.

that is with the exception of the chat windows, every time i log on at work they are moved based on my home settings, and because im going from 2 screens to 1 they are not conveniently placed, so i have to move them, then when i get home i have to move them again.

whilst its not end of days drama it is quite annoying having to reposition everything all the time as i do have a few different chat windows open at once at home as the space allows it (general, whisper, guild, party tabs)

all or any advice or help would be much appreciated.

many thanks in advance

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