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The most recent version of Skada on WoWInterface *is* 1.4-30. 1.4-31 is only available at Curse at the moment.

Minion displays both the currently installed version and the version it sees on WoWInterface to you. As noted previously in many other threads (for both this updater and others), it is near impossible to come up with an algorithm to compare these versions across all different versioning systems (or lack thereof) that addon authors use. So Minion does what it can do - it checks to see if they're different. If they're different, it asks you if it wants you to update and gives you that information to determine for yourself what is best. If you have addons that the author uploads faster on Curse and you prefer to use the Curse Client for those, then you may right-click them and select ignore.

All of the above is true for ElvUI as well. Except interfaces are even trickier to handle as they often contain more than one folder and Minion isn't always exactly sure where they came from. Until you use Minion to install it or update it, that is - then Minion knows what you want.

/edit: did you back up your addons when installing Minion? It asks if you want to back them up when using it for the first time and there is also a tab to allow you to create manual backups at any time. Did you not do this?
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