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Think I'm gonna add a bug tracker and feature request and various as soon as I can enable my author portal!

- Target Markers: When I log onto a toon, it displays small versions of all the target marker icons (star, skull, diamond etc...) above the player frame. To fix, I select an icon, and then select "none". Selecting "none" on its own doesn't solve the issue.
Huh. I've never experienced that myself, but I have a hunch as to what might be the cause. When loading, the texture object is still there and showing, but there's nothing in it. At least on my end there hasn't been anything in it, but evidently there are cases where it loads the entire texture map for all the icons and shows that. So all I have to do is make the icon hidden on the initial UI load.

- Resources: the regeneration rate takes a second to update and isn't very smooth.
Guessing you're particularly talking about energy regen? I hadn't enabled FrequentUpdates on the power bars, but I'll get that in with next version!

- Monk Chi: Monks are able to have 6 Chi at max level with talents/perks, and it currently only supports a maximum of 5.
Huh, I'm guessing that's a Draenor monk perk? I heard of this elusive sixth point while I was looking through how many they could have, but all I could find anywhere was five points. Highest I've ever played a monk was mid-40s! Still, one extra Chi point, that's no trouble. Still got a few tweaks I want to do to the Chi points, not entirely done with those.

- Main Action Bar: Even when it isn't visible, you still see the GCD 'twinkle' after using an ability.
Yeah, I've seen it! Been trying to think of a good way to solve it, but it's not easy. It's the cooldown frame for each button, and the fact that child frames don't really care what the alpha of the parent frame is. I'm probably going to have to rewrite the fading for that frame to hide the buttons outright, or temporarily parent the cooldown frames to dummy frames. The latter would probably be a bit resource inefficient, though it should work fine considering that the PLAYER_REGEN_DISABLED event fires immediately before combat lockdown actually happens.

- General Bars: Is there any way to toggle keybind & macro text? And if not, do you know of an addon that can?
Any addon that changes the default keybind and macro settings should work, though I could implement a config option for it.
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